The second story

Magdalena Tsiolkovska, 39 years old, Birmingham
The second story

Magdalena, originally from Poland, has been living in England for more than 16 years. Whilst in the UK, her main and favorite means of transportation was a bicycle.

On a fine winter’s day, on the 8th of December 2017, Magdalena was returning home from work. It seemed nothing could have prepared her for what lay in store as she took in the idyllic views.

 Blinded by the December sun, the driver following on the same road, failed to notice her presence, and was unable to avoid the collision. The result of the impact Magdalena hit the bonnet, then the windscreen, flying over the car and falling on the ground...

Magdalena was admitted to the hospital with multiple injuries to her neck, back, shoulders, upper and lower limbs. Luckily she did not suffer a single fracture.

A few days later, Magdalena contacted it happens to file a claim for compensation for the damages she sustained. There was no doubt about the successful resolution of this case in her favor. However, it was important to provide the necessary treatment before compensation was paid. 10 physiotherapy sessions helped Magdalena recover from her injuries.  A few months later, the Third-Party Insurer paid compensation in the sum of £4,975.00.

Currently Magdalena feels great and continues to enjoy riding her bike.

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