The first story

Tatiana Tanaeva, 67 years old, Feltham
The first story

Tatjana Tanajeva, originally from Latvia, worked as a maid for the Travelodge Hotel chain. On February 16th 2018, as she stepped out of the hotel lobby elevator, slipped on the freshly cleaned floor. While falling, Tatjana instinctively stretched her arm forward and as a result fell on it. She sustained an injury to the arm, injured her shoulder and wrist. She temporarily lost the ability to work as a direct result of the incident.

Tatjana was aware that she had the right to file a compensation claim against her employer. She doubted whether this would complicate her relationship with the managers of the hotel and whether she would lose her job as a result. Meanwhile, the employer not only supported Tatjana's desire to file a claim, but also reported the incident to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), acknowledging responsibility for the incident.

A week later, Tatjana was advised by her friend to contact it happens with a request for help in obtaining compensation.

Tatjana was on sick leave for about a month. Following her return to work, she performed light duties waiting for the full recovery of the arm and shoulder. Few months later, the Third-Party insurance paid £5,380.00 in compensation for her injuries and her loss of earnings.

Currently, Tatjana still works at the Travelodge Hotel, Feltham. She has fully recovered with the aid of the prescribed treatment. All the costs incurred following the accident were fully reimbursed thanks to the efforts of it happens specialists.

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