The fourth story

Laurynas Bartasevicius, 37 years old, Romford
The fourth story

Laurynas moved to the UK from Lithuania in 2005. A chef by qualifications, he one day miraculously made the decision to transition into bricklaying, a decision a number of other people coming into Great Britain have had to make.

For the past 12 years, Laurynas has been working in the construction business becoming a true master of his craft.

On the 19th of September 2019 at 17:00, Laurynas was returning home from work driving his Volkswagen Sharan. He was traveling along the London ring road of the M25. Traffic jams began to form at some point, seeing the traffic ahead slowing down, he started braking. Moments later, his car was hit from the rear by another vehicle.

The third-party driver admitted fault for the accident explaining that he had been distracted. After exchanging insurance details, both drivers left the scene.

Laurynas felt pain and discomfort in the area of his neck the next day but did not pay too much attention to it. The sharp lower back pain a few days later made him realize that he could have been injured. He attended the hospital. The doctor diagnosed whiplash type injury to the neck and lower back advising that the pain could last several months. Having prescribed painkillers, doctor advised Laurynas to stop working and refrain from physical activities temporarily. Not the best prospect for a person whose wages depended on the amount of work undertaken.

Laurynas decided to contact it happens for help as advised by his friend. He informed it happens that despite the pain and discomfort, he would have to continue working because he has financial commitments. A company specialist met with Laurynas in order to collect all necessary information. The solicitors pursued a claim against the defendant for his car damages and personal injuries.

The whole process lasted about eight months. The amount of compensation received by Laurynas was £1,950.00 for personal injuries and £1,500.00 for car damages. Laurynas still lives in East London together with his family and is now the father of three.

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