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    Any person injured in England is entitled to receive compensation. You can contact “it happens” directly from your country. Our communication with you will take place remotely (by e-mail, messenger, skype, etc.) and we will make sure that your claim is satisfied and you receive fair compensation.

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    We provide consultation 24/7 on the website or by phone. For paperwork, the manager of “it happens” will drive up to you at a place and time convenient to you. All further communication will be done remotely, in a way convenient for you.

    If, due to any circumstances, it seems to you desirable for an employee of “it happens” to come to your home – let us know. We will be happy to arrange a visit at a convenient time for you.

    Due to COVID-19, all “it happens” employees follow recommended safety measures, such as social distancing and wearing a face mask.

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    You may mistakenly believe that you bear the responsibility, without taking into consideration all the circumstances of the accident. Let us know the details and the “it happens” manager will give a professional assessment of your specific case and recommend any further steps.

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    Our strong recommendation is – first consult “it happens”!

    In most cases, the insurance company uses your call as an opportunity to verify the data provided by you when you issued the policy and only after that, provided that all questions were answered correctly, they proceed to consider your case.

    At “it happens” we will immediately give an expert assessment of your case, provide all relevant recommendations and, if necessary, help to report the incident to your insurance company.

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    “it happens” is a trademark owned by Euronet Alliance Ltd, a claims management company operating in the England and Wales market since 2013. You can get information about the company at the following links:

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