Compensation procedure

Compensation procedure

Signing an agreement with it happens

  • The agreement defines the obligations and responsibilities of the parties, as well as the amount chargeable and payment procedure for the services provided by the company. By law, the fee limit is set at 25% of the total compensation amount awarded.
  • Compensation for future losses (earnings, care costs) is not subject to further deductions.

Collection and submission of documents to SOLICITORS

  • Preparing documents is a rather laborious process, following the background of the physical and emotional drainage caused by accident. A visit of a it happens specialist to your home could reduce the time spent for documents collection and filling out the necessary forms. Later on, the collected evidence is transferred to the SOLICITORS.

Signing an agreement with SOLICITORS

  • By signing an agreement with SOLICITORS, known as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), you enable them to represent your interests and legal assistance to you.

SOLICITORS make a claim on your behalf against the DEFENDA 

  • The DEFENDANT is obliged to notify SOLICITORS about the receipt of the claim within 21 working days.
  • The DEFENDANT has the right to further investigate the claim within 3 months.
  • There may be a period of temporary lack of information and actions on the part of the SOLICITORS due to the circumstances listed above.

DEFENDANT admits liability for the incident

  • A period of active collection of documentary evidence of your financial losses begins once the DEFENDANT admits liability for the incident.

SOLICITORS arrange a medical examination for you

  • You will have to undergo a medical examination with an independent medical expert in order to access your physical and psychological injuries, treatment and rehabilitation provided, propose the time required for a complete recovery. This is one of the most important stages of your claim.
  • Based on the medical evidence and expert’s recommendations and opinion, a claim for injuries will be drawn up, alongside the loss of earnings, both past and future.

YOU agree with the results of the medical examination

  • The results of the medical examination are sent to the DEFENDANT, subject to your approval.
  • If you spot factual discrepancies within the expert's report, make sure you inform your SOLICITOR who will consider the possibility of requesting amendments or decide to appoint a different expert.

SOLICITORS send the full evidence of your claim to the DEFENDANT with a proposal to satisfy it.

  • The entire medical evidence and the documents confirming your financial losses are provided to the DEFENDANT.

The claim is settled, YOU receive compensation.

  • Defendant agrees to the proposal. You receive compensation by a transfer to your bank account or by cheque sent to your address. Based on the signed agreement, you pay it happens fee for the services provided to you.

* The above scenario applies for the cases when the DEFENDANT has admitted liability for the incident.

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